Malak Akkari        

20th August 2018


After many years I have finally found a tutor for my boys who has current classroom experience and years of experience. My boys are now more motivated and engaged than ever.                                  

Hoda Dahbache 

17th September 2018


This is the BEST investment decision I have ever made towards my kids education. Palmina is the most dedicated teacher I have ever met. We are so lucky to have you!

I strongly recommend anyone with young kids to give this a go. The teaching style and content is really fantastic!

Weds Ghamrouri                                                                                                          

18th September  2018


Palmina is such a nurturing, dedicated and passionate teacher who really cares about the student and developing their literacy capabilities. She taught my daughter when we were living in Sydney and my girl absolutely adored her. Definately recommend her to any parent who wishes to develop or enhance their child's literacy skills đź‘Ť



Trudi-Louise Barry                  

9th October 2018


I highly recommend Little Child Big Mind if anyone is looking for additional educational support for their children. We have had great progress and my daughter is so comfortable with Palmina, she looks forward to her tutoring sessions!

It has really made a difference!


Maree Tannous Maghames

15th February 2019


Palmina is the best!! She is one of the most honest, dedicated and nurturing teachers i havecome across. She has helped my son enhance his literacy skills in a short period of time and taught him various strategies to help him with his reading . I would highly recommend the centre to every parent.

Christina Or 16th May 2019

Little Child Big Mind is a local learning literacy centre in Revesby that emulates the true meaning of Zero Barriers and for which I wish to nominate for the Zero Barriers Excellence Award. It has been a privilege and honour to be associated with such an organisation for the reasons outlined below in my nomination.
“Learn to Read, Learn to Succeed. Every child has the right to learn” was the first thing that captured my attention as I walked out of the dog groomer next door to the brightly decorated and well-lit learning centre of Little Child Big Mind. This encounter came at a time where my husband and I were at our wits end after years of numerous paediatricians, child psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, occupational optometrists and a myriad or clinical reports and assessments to tell us that our beautiful 7 year old son had a multitude of learning disabilities and, in a nut shell, required intensive specialised intervention.
I emailed Little Child Big Mind advising of our son’s situation from start to end and attached all the reports we had collated over the years and asked if they could help. I thought I’d be proactive and send all the information we had acquired over the years to assist. After all, these reports were based on the expertise of highly trained professionals and doctors who came highly recommended so I thought they would be of use despite my own personal opinion and general “mother’s instinct” that these reports were nowhere near a true reflection of our son’s learning capabilities.
I received a response from Palmina within 24 hours thanking me for my enquiry and asked if I could bring my son in for a quick assessment within the next few days. The assessment would cost a small fee of $20 and if we went ahead with sessions, this fee would go towards the first session.
My son and I went to the scheduled assessment and to my utter delight Palmina was a familiar face as her children attended the same school as my son. Not only was Palmina warm and welcoming, her learning centre is a true reflection of her personal warm and welcoming nature with a lovely open plan office with a sitting area where parents can wait while their child is in a session in clear view. The centre is well lit inside and out, with a number of children’s workstations and educational posters and learning resources without it being an overload on your senses. It is the perfect balance where children of all ages can engage in a fun learning environment. My son was instantly captivated with the centre and Palmina’s friendly nature.
I asked Palmina if she’d had a chance to review all the reports I had sent her to which she replied that she had not, purely because she wanted to make her own objective assessment of my son without any preconceived notions she may have obtained from the reports. It was at this moment that I knew we were at the right place. Never before in all our experiences with other professionals had they made an assessment without basing it on another report. This showed me that Little Child Big Mind really was about helping children succeed despite their disabilities and challenges. Palmina’s assessment not only identified the areas my son required assistance with learning but also identified his learning style. I was truly impressed and my son had a blast during the assessment, he didn’t even realise he was being assessed.
Palmina recommended one-on-one sessions twice a week and so we commenced at the beginning of the school year, Year 2 for my son where his reading skills were at a level of a Kindergarten student and couldn’t identify sounds or count to 30. Fast forward five months and my son is now reading and doing Year 2 level maths.
Little Child Big Mind has provided my son with the tools to be able to assist him when he faces challenges with his literacy and numeracy, as a result this has given him the confidence to be resilient and persistent with his learning and has enhanced his love of school and learning. This is the ultimate gift you could give any child to help them succeed in anything they do in life by empowering them to make their own life choices. It has shown my son that even though he may be different to other kids at school and learns a little bit differently, it’s perfectly OK and he can learn as much as the other kids despite his disabilities.
In these five months that we have been attending Little Child Big Mind, I have personally witnessed the inclusive and inviting culture that makes Little Child Big Mind stand out from other similar service providers. The doors are literally always open and when people walk in Palmina always greets them with a warm inviting smile. No matter how busy Palmina is, she always takes the time to speak to people when they come in and never turns anyone away. The children simply adore her for her fun and energetic approach to learning.


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