I first met Palmina when my son started Kindergarten, he is now

in year 10 in a selective high school. 

She was his teacher and grade Assistant Principal. Her passion

for teaching, particularly early learning and commitment to her

students and their families was evident from the very beginning.

I would like to highlight the various ways she impacted my son's development.


When my son started kindergarten, he was already reading at a very good level. Palmina identified this and built on his existing skills and encouraged his individual learning, further developing his literacy skills. Many will argue this is an expectation of all teachers, however I have come across teachers who have a relaxed approach towards students who have reached bench mark levels and their attention is more focused on those that have not. Palmina was dedicated to ensuring my son further developed.


In Mathematics, he was also working beyond his grade expectation, however was experiencing some difficulty  with writing certain numbers backwards because he was confusing his English and Arabic numbers. Palmina brought this to my attention very early on and together we worked on helping him differentiate between the two. She believed in a COLLABORATIVE EFFORT between the teacher and parents to enrich the students' learning.


Most importantly, Palmina significantly helped my son in a way that helped him in his future years. My son started school early, (that is, he didn't turn 5 until June of his Kindergarten year). He was the youngest in his class and was inclined to do what others suggested and was always the one to allow others to share their ideas at the expense of his own even though he had been to preschool. Palmina's greatest impact on my son was building his confidence  and skills to also become a LEADER IN HIS OWN LEARNING JOURNEY as well as in social situations, to participate in class discussions and confidently give his opinion at a very young age. Palmina taught him and fostered these vital skills.



Zeina Etri (10th July, 2017)


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