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school readiness program panania sydney

School Readiness Program

Our Pre-kindy sessions are unique and specialised for children the year before they start school.


The focus for these sessions is building the necessary skills for


writing and

learning to learn.


This is not a pen and paper tutoring session!

This is a developmentally appropriate research based method involving all the senses to learn. It is run by highly skilled, experienced Literacy specialists with extensive experience in the Pre-Kindy and the school environments.


Together we can bridge the gap between early childhood and school!

school readiness program panania sydney

What is a Pre-Kindy Program

This new and innovative program runs for approximately 10 weeks.

Each week we focus on the necessary skills and concepts for learning to read and write. Our School Readiness sessions also involve developing attention and concentration, language development and public speaking skills.

Each fun filled session is 4 hours, and we ask that each child  please brings their own food for fruit break and lunch.

The cost is $60 per 4 hour session.

A deposit of $60 is required at the time of booking to secure your child place, we will then invoice you weekly for the remainder of the program.

school readiness program sydney
school readiness program 2023
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